It’s time to show off your unexplained, and unashamed knowledge of RnB tunes from the 2000s, all the Von Trapp childrens’ names, what countries border Libya, and why Python is called Python (throwback to COMP10001) by forming a team and competing in CISSA and WIT’s Trivia Night!

In teams of five people, not only will you get a chance to boast about your team’s superior trivia intellect, but this will also be an opportunity to get to know other people in your faculty, and enjoy the drinks deals on the night. Prizes will awarded to the winning team!

Register your team of five, a few friends, or just yourself for this free event! We will make sure everyone who registers finds themselves in a team, and set up for a good time!

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Date: 6.30-9.30pm Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Location: The Clyde Hotel, 385 Cardigan St, Carlton

clyde hotel

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